Friday, January 22, 2010

Lunchtime thrifting...

I visited the local thrift shop on my lunch hour today. It's a very small one, but I always manage to walk out with something. I got my dear son his first pair of Adidas soccer cleats. He'll need them come summertime! They were $1.99 and are in pretty good shape. They just need the dirt knocked off of them.

I also stumbled upon this Brooks Brothers tie for a mere $0.99. It was a perfect find because I don't have any green ties in my collection. I wish that our dress code here at work was friendlier to those who like to dress nicer. I mean, I could come into work in a jacket and tie but I’d be “that guy,” and I already suspect I’m “that guy,” for other reasons. Good thing I’ve started dressing like a grown-up for church.

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